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Windstorm Friedhelm

Posting Date: 12 December 2011

Location: Scotland

Peril: Windstorm

UPDATED 12 DECEMBER Following disruption in Scotland from Windstorm Friedhlem on Thursday, 8 December, the deep low pressure system continued to track eastwards through Friday, 9 December bringing strong winds to the west coast and southwest of Norway, western Denmark and coastal regions of Netherlands and Germany. No damage information has been reported from any of these counties. A peak gust of 30m/s (108 km/hr) was recorded at a meteorological station in eastern Norway. No significant peak gusts were recorded in the Norwegian capital. In northern Denmark (in Alborg) from around 09:00 UTC though to 16:00UTC on Friday, 9 December gusts exceeding 25 m/s (90km/hr), with a peak of 30m/s (108km/hr) recorded close to 15:00UTC. On Thursday, 8 December, Friedhelm, brought peak gusts across Scotland and northern England of 32 m/s (115km/hr) in Dundee at 12:20 UTC, 33 m/s (119km/hr) at Prestwick Airport at 14:50 UTC, 31 m/s (112km/hr) in Glasgow at 13:50 UTC and Carlisle at 11:20 UTC. Observed peak gusts are comparable to Windstorm Elaine which impacted the region in 2008. Friedhelm also brought heavy rain to Scotland and northeast England, with flood warnings issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment Agency. In Scotland at the peak of the storm reports indicate that close to 60,000 lost power (in central and southern Scotland), as trees and other debris fell onto power lines and in some cases brought down the lines. As of 07:00UTC on Monday, 11 December local media reports incidate that a few hundred are still without power. Downed trees have been a noticeable feature of the storm across the region, a consequence of the storm occurring after months of heavy rain in Scotland and therefore very wet ground conditions. Transportation networks were severely disrupted in Scotland and northeast England with bridge and road closure, train service speed restrictions and flight suspensions. Preliminary reports indicate isolated damage. RMS is continuing to monitor low pressure systems across Europe, with forecasts indicating the potential for strong, damaging winds to impact northwestern Europe this week.

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