June storms cause estimated $3bn loss

At least eight separate severe thunderstorms across the eastern US have left insurers with a $3bn bill in June according to Aon’s monthly global catastrophe recap. One hail event in Texas caused at least $650m in insured losses, with that estimate likely to rise. In Colorado, severe thunderstorms caused insured losses nearing $575m, while a series of convective storms that impacted the northeast, midwest and plains regions caused roughly $1.1bn in insured losses. Torrential rainfall in areas of Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey also caused insured losses well into the millions of dollars, according to Aon. A spate of tornadoes that tore through Eureka, Kansas, caused total economic and insured losses well over $100m. Elsewhere in the US, several derecho storm events from the plains to the southeast caused millions of dollars of insured and economy closes as well. In Canada, two separate thunderstorm events - one in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and another in Quebec - caused millions of USD in economic and insured losses each. Other notable events included a M5.9 quake in Japan that caused insured losses of $125m, with overall economic losses predicted to be much higher. Elsewhere in Asia, tropics storm Ewiniar caused $573m in economic losses throughout both Vietnam and China. In Europe, severe storms and the resulting intense flooding caused tens of millions of euros of economic and insured losses across Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Austria and elsewhere. In South America, a powerful tornado ripped through a Brazilian state killing two people while also causing millions in economic losses. Torrential rainfall in Africa impacted Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria, killing 38 people, with an otherwise negligible economic impact.

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