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  • Idaho, Washington and Oregon, U.S. Flooding (March 2017)

    Persistent heavy rainfall and snowmelt over the past few days has led to localized river flooding and landslides in several states in northwest U.S., damaging more than 120 buildings. Several homes have been destroyed and around 65 buildings severely flooded or damaged from landslides in Minidoka, Minidoka County, Idaho. In Twin Falls, Twin Falls County, Idaho, local media reports that dozens of buildings have been flooded, with at least 1 home destroyed by a landslide. In Washington ...

  • Terrorist Attack in Westminster, London (Mar 2017)

    At approximately 14:40 UTC on Wednesday March 22, a single attacker drove a grey Hyundai i40 along a pavement on Westminster Bridge killing and injuring pedestrians. The attacker crashed the car into railings outside the Houses of Parliament and proceeded on foot to the parliament building, where he stabbed and killed an unarmed police officer and was shot dead by armed police. As of 09:00 UTC on Thursday March 23, the attack has resulted in the deaths of 4 people and at least 40 peop...

  • Southeast U.S. Thunderstorms (March 2017)

    A line of severe thunderstorms produced damaging winds and large hail across the southeast U.S. on Tuesday March 21, with reports of damage in Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina and North Carolina. There were around 180 reports of severe weather on Tuesday March 21, including 96 reports of damaging winds and 83 reports of large hail. At this time, the worst affected area appears to be central and southern Tennessee. Local media reports that more than 40 residential buildings...

  • Peru Flooding (March 2017)

    Prolonged and intense rainfall since early March has caused widespread severe flash and river flooding, landslides and mud flows across Peru, including in the capital city Lima (pop. ~8.5mn). At least 119,000 buildings have been severely damaged, with 18,000 buildings collapsed or destroyed, according to the National Civil Defence Institute (INDECI) and local media . At least 930 schools and around 340 health centres are reported to have collapsed or sustained significant damage. Dama...

  • Midwest and Northeast U.S. Winterstorm Stella (Mar 2017)

    A winterstorm, named Stella by The Weather Channel, affected the Midwest and Northeast U.S. from Monday 13 March to Wednesday 15 March. New York and New Jersey declared states of emergency; Connecticut declared a civil preparedness emergency; Boston, Massachusetts declared a snow emergency; and Pennsylvania declared a proclamation of disaster . Less snow than forecasted fell in the coastal cities of Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City because the rain/snow line shifted fa...

  • Windstorm Zeus

    On Monday March 6 Windstorm Zeus rapidly intensified as it crossed the English Channel and entered northwest France. During the course of about 12 hours Zeus traversed the country, bringing high winds with gusts above 60 mph (100 km/h) to much of the France, before entering the Mediterranean in the early evening. The worst-affected regions were Brittany in northwest France, and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in the southeast, where the strongest winds were recorded. Much of central and southwes...

RMS/Reactions Catastrophe Centre

The RMS/Reactions Catastrophe Centre provides real time catastrophe updates and reports on catastrophe events around the globe. The RMS catastrophe response team monitors global windstorm, earthquake, and other hazard activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provides information on events before and after they strike. Emphasis is placed on events of sufficient intensity to cause insurance loss in regions covered by RMS models, as well as major humanitarian or economic disasters. RMS also provides industry loss estimates using their catastrophe modeling technology and exposure databases, combined with up-to-the-minute event data.

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